HASKAP - Canada's new 'superberry'

The health benefits of haskap berries have long been recognized in Japan where the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido refer to it as has ka ppu which meant “a bunch of little presents at the top of the branches”.  It is thought of as 'the fruit of longevity’.


Modern scientific studies have supported this ancient claim with growing evidence that it is indeed an extremely nutrient and anti-oxidant / polyphenol rich berry…in other words…a SUPERBERRY.


Probably no one has summarized the health benefits of haskap berries as well as leading alternative health expert, Canada’s own Bryce Wylde:




Northern Light Orchards' haskap is Canada's new superberry



The phenolic content in this berry is directly associated with its colour and flavour. The skin of red grapes for example is also very high, but interestingly most varieties of red grapes used to make wine have white flesh. The redness in wine occurs because wine ferments in the presence of its dark skin – a process that naturally delivers the polyphenol content.


Haskap berry on the other hand has a flesh that is reddish-purple. That means it also has high phenol content throughout and not just the skin. This inherently gives the haskap a higher antioxidant score and therefore a superior health benefits when compared to most berries.’

‘Haskap has more polyphenols than tea, coffee, and red wine and five times the amount of phenols compared to blueberries - making it a formidable antioxidant superfood. Their antioxidant power helps us prevent heart disease, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and neurodegenerative diseases.


As haskap berry growers you might say we couldn’t be happier with Bryce’s findings, but we are, because we also love these super-berries for their amazing taste and versatility!