Products and Partners

The majority of our annual haskap berry harvest is marketed to our partners, who are taking advantage of the haskap’s extreme versatility to produce a wide range of amazing products for consumers.


We always look forward to meeting new partners with innovative ideas for bringing the wonderful taste and health benefits of haskap to the world. If you have one, don’t hesitate to contact us.


We're also proud to offer our very own Haskap Berry topping under the Boreal Harvests label. 

North 49 Fruit Corporation
Local & Fresh
Rebellion Brewing Co
Visit Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt
Forage Restaurant
Visit Frost Bites
Visit Foothills Creamery
Visit LB Distillers
Timber Restaurant
Visit Bittered Sling
Visit Grandpa's Garden
Visit Broken Tine
Visit IGA Beaverlodge
Visit Edible Canada
Birch Tree Cafe
Visit Haskapa
Yaletown Brewing Co
Visit Alta Bistro
Visit 604 Food Co
Boreal Harvests Haskap Topping