Our Haskap Orchard

Our haskap berry orchard is located in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, along Northern Light Road where, indeed, the aurora borealis is a common yet always magical sight. It is no coincidence that ‘Aurora’ and ‘Borealis’ are two of the today’s most commonly planted haskap cultivars (varieties). We grow several cultivars of haskap including Tundra, Indigo Gem, Borealis, Berry Smart Blue, and other selections.


We are proud to be a part of the pioneering efforts to bring the haskap berry to North America, an initiative that was largely spearheaded through research by the University of Saskatchewan, Canada where our founder, Carl Barber, studied environmental science.


The majority of Northern Light Orchards shareholders are individuals from Birch Hills and surrounding regions. Most of us live within a short drive of our orchard, leaving no excuses when it comes to pitching in around harvest time. We also support and collaborate with food and beverage artisanal brands across Canada. To learn more, visit our Products and Partners Page. 

Northern Light Orchards is an official member of Haskap Canada and Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Association.



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