Our People


It takes a lot of people to grow the best haskap berries.  Meet some of us who are passionate about haskap, the land and honest agriculture.

Head Honcho


Carl Barber is the managing director. Carl grew up on a mixed family farm with a strong conservation ethic. He studied environmental science at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.


Carl has interests in woodlot management, tourism, wood processing and horticulture. He lives with his wife and life partner Sandra in Birch Hills.



Who makes it happen...



Sandra Barber is invaluable for administration and product development.


Kevin Ulvild is our go to guy for fabrication and maintenance, and Jason Green for digital technical support.


Other haskap orchard shareholders provide equipment, machine service, repair, and fabrication, and advisory service to our orchard and assist with product and market development.


We hire part time staff as required, including local youth, First Nations, and local women, a few who faithfully show up regularly to assist with harvest.

Boss hard at work...

Bosses  finally at play!

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