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Natural Health Care Expert Bryce Wylde on Haskap

Worldwide expert in complementary alternative medicine and respected natural health care clinician, Bryce Wylde shares the latest trends in natural medicine. We're happy to see that haskap features prominently on the list, and according to DR. Oz and an audience member, it's the best-tasting one!

Here is an excerpt on the article he wrote following his guest appearance on the "Dr. Oz Show".

"What do you get when you cross a blueberry, a raspberry, and a black currant? A Haskap berry! Haskap has long been known by the ancient Japanese as “The fruit of life longevity”. It was introduced to Canada in the late 1960’s originating from the island of Hokkaido – Japan’s northern most island territory. Although this berry looks similar to a blueberry in colour, it is elongated and slightly cylindrical taking shape more like a mini plum. It is more closely related to a tomato than a blueberry or cranberry and it comes from the honeysuckle family.

Haskap has more polyphenols than tea, coffee, and red wine and five times the amount of phenols compared to blueberries - making it a formidable antioxidant superfood. Their antioxidant power helps us prevent heart disease, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and neurodegenerative diseases.

The phenolic content in this berry is directly associated with its color and flavour. The skin of red grapes for example is also very high, but interestingly most varieties of red grapes used to make wine have white flesh. The redness in wine occurs because wine ferments in the presence of its dark skin – a process that naturally delivers the polyphenol content.

Haskap berry on the other hand has a flesh that is reddish-purple. That means it also has high phenol content throughout and not just the skin. This inherently gives the haskap a higher antioxidant score and therefore a superior health benefits when compared to most berries."

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