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Spring at the Orchard

The orchard was pretty much free of winter snow till late last week when we had another snow fall in Saskatchewan. For now everything is waiting... including the plants! We expect the haskap buds may begin swelling next week.

carl spring.jpg

The plants with the most reddish tinge are the ones with more Japanese genetics. The indigo gem is more greyish, with the Tundra in between.

72 hives of bees were placed in the orchard last week. On days that it warms up they will be flying. Initially they purge themselves as they have been in the hive all winter humming away to keep the colony warm. They will come out hungry and will begin harvesting tree sap and nectar as soon as they can, moving to pussywillows, dandelion, haskap, and caragana flowers as soon as they begin blooming.

We are already thinking of doing some pruning, and planting some Aurora haskap, the newest release from the University of Saskatchewan that will act as companion pollinator for the Gem and Tundra haskap varieties.

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