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Winter Reflections

When winter arrives in rural Canada the rhythm of life slows and as the New Year and festive season (for us, it is Christmas) approaches, I reflect on the year’s happenings and specifically on all the wonderful things I have been able to enjoy this year.

- Family, friends, and business associates. The peaceful joy of spring in the orchard, particularly morning bird song, the buzz of the bees, and the overhead flights of geese and cranes. The ability to nurture and harvest healthy food and offer it to the world. Autumn in the boreal forest. Canada with all its cultural and ecological diversity. My ability to immerse myself in the natural world and all its wonders and help sustain it.

On behalf of myself and Northern Light Orchards I would like to thank everyone who has helped us in any way throughout the year, and would like to extend to everyone the wish that you live life well and enjoy the season and the New Year.

#Christmas #Winter #farmlife #meditation

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