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North 49 Fruit Corporation Launches Western Canadian  Haskap Foodservice Program

Canadians now have the opportunity to enjoy Canadian grown Haskap Berry products in restaurants across Western Canada through a new partnership.

The North 49 Fruit Corporation, one of Canada’s fastest growing Fruit Corporation’s with 10 Haskap growers across 3 Canadian Provinces, has partnered with the Alberta Food Development Centre to develop new Haskap food products for the Canadian Foodservice Industry. The partnership and future growth projections of Haskap production in Canada developed the drive for innovation of the new Haskap product line.

Kreg Alde, President of the North 49 Fruit Corporation and producer shareholder located near Beaverlodge Alberta, stated that Value Added is a key component for future growth, as well as introducing the new Haskap Berry to the Canadian Consumer. With just over 350 acres of Haskap Berry shrubs in 2018 and growth projection to over 750 acres, product development is a high priority for the Haskap producer shareholders.

The North 49 Fruit Corporation and its group of Haskap producer shareholders are very excited to announce a partnership with Gordon Food Service to distribute 3 new Innovative Food products to food service outlets in Western Canada.

The products, which include Haskap Topping, IQF Haskap Berries and a Haskap Berry Ring Cake, bring new innovation to the Foodservice industry. The 3 new value added Haskap products are a first for the Western Canadian Foodservice Industry.

Gordon Food Service Calgary Centre has partnered with the launch of the new innovative Haskap products. The partnership expanded after the great response and feedback at the Calgary GFS Food Show in early February 2018. The interest & demand for the new Haskap products finalized a new partnership with the North 49 Fruit Corp & Gordon Food Service.

Carl Barber, a North 49 Fruit producer shareholder located near Birch Hills, Saskatchewan with just over 10,000 Haskap shrubs, stated “it’s time for Canadians to enjoy the new Haskap Berry and the new innovative food products that are available in Western Canada.”

For further information, please contact: Kreg Alde President North 49 Fruit Corporation PO Box 3535 Station Main Spruce Grove Alberta Canada T7X 3A8 C: 780-518-9115

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